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A General History of the Pyrates

A General History of the Pyrates by Daniel DefoeA very interesting collection of short stories about pirates plied the seas and oceans in the period from the 1680’s to 1720-ies. To think that this book, first published in 1724, became the inspiration for hundreds of writers and Directors, seeking in his work to “pirate” theme. Reading it is like touching something mythical, but at the same time tangible and incredibly close, smelling the brown sugar and the salt soaked roads.

The narrative is a bit messy, but this is easily explained. As you read, you can divide the collection into:

1) stories, written on the basis of facts, court cases and eyewitness accounts (because the author repeatedly wrote stories from the courtroom and visited prisons, speaking with inmates pirates, awaiting sentence) – they are dry, the chronologically “Mature” and even contain extracts from the court cases of contracts as within the pirate brotherhood, and between pirates and representatives of the official authorities (this is a large part of published works);

2) artwork that is based only on legends, but Pestryaev amazing details how the personal lives of the characters and their “feats”. Especially sin clearly invented facts stories about life piratok Anne Bonnie and Mary read (here the author could not resist, and even to savor the intimate life of the heroines), the pirate Lewis (sacrifice to their patron-the devil is a tuft of his own hair, after which he is consistently lucky and accelerated the course of the vessel), pirate of the Fly (Oh, those dialogues with a gorgeous pirate phrases, ranging from almost neutral “hell” to such expressive like “I swear to the blood and guts of the Lord God, son of the poisonous witch” “I could drink a Cup of burning sulfur”, etc.).

Incredibly good artistic element used by Daniel Defoe, even in documentary stories.