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A Feast for Crows: A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)

A Feast for Crows A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)Fourth novel – a very special. That is why many thought that it is weaker than the previous one. And of course, where did this false, in my opinion impression. The fact that the book is “A Feast for Crows” is a conceptual work. Staging a “cool mix” in the two previous volumes, Martin decided to slow down and reflect together with their heroes.

“A Feast for Crows” – first psychological novel, it is closer to “Game of thrones” than to its sequels. This was not liked by the readers – the decrease of the pace of the narrative they regarded as a manifestation of the crisis of the author’s ideas. The essence of the concept of the novel is in the title. Russian, though distorted, even better conveys the meaning (in the original – “a Feast for crows”). We will focus on the vultures, feasting on the ruins of Seven Kingdoms, those for whom the death of Robert Joffrey’s fall was a cause for temporary celebration. The first vulture is, of course, Cersei.

The death of a distinguished, but the threat of the father became to her a kind of compensation for the death of a beloved son. Now she wants to take the place of the ruler. But the power is easier to capture than to keep – it’s common knowledge. Unrestrained, not afraid have no husband, no father, Cersei shows full extent of his monstrous nature. Sadism and lust for power is her main motivation, she tries to hide even from himself. She insists that does everything just for the sake of the little Prince Tommen – but even he makes her want to hit. The full extent of its subconscious desire revealed in sexual “experiments” – Cersei manifests itself quite consistent sadist.

This desire supersedes even the love too independent Jaime. Partly for Cersei’s fun to watch – because the ruler she is extremely mediocre. Having learned from Tywin only cruel, it is constantly subject to the whip, forgetting about the carrot. In that time, Tywin offered to potential enemies, choose between protection and death, Cersei intimidates everyone, not even thinking the possibility of a compromise. Imagining himself a master of “offer that cannot be refused”, it gradually sets itself against almost all influential people of the Seven Kingdoms.

And surrounding himself with fools, the latter loses the ability to get good advice. However, the smart advisers themselves run away from it. The second vulture of the little finger. But even as it is absurd to compare him with Cersei. While the latter is clearly ripped off a bigger piece than you can swallow, Pinky claims to be the largest, but the real purpose of the eagle’s Nest and the Valley. To watch him is breathtaking and disgust, and admiration, and fear cause his cunning and cruelty. Without a single stroke of the sword he subjugates the vassals of Arenov one after the other – and, it seems, the prospect of him shiny.

Third, a whole flock of vultures – the Greyjoys. Sleeves on the empty throne of Balon, this pack is soon pounced on the Seven Kingdoms. A big part of the story we see through the eyes Victarion – but the main vulture is getting his brother Euron. He is ready to take over Westeros – and even invented a way to make that power legitimate. It seems that clash of kings will resume soon again… On the ruins of the feast of the Seven Kingdoms and smaller birds. “Sparrows”, that is, the religious mood of the militia, seems to be pursuing good, the peacekeeping goal… but the Church of the Seven more popular in the people, but because Cersei still gets a private army.

So, not far off a religious war, and the struggle with heretics. Alas, the noble robber Lord Beric now directs a lady Heartless, which aims to hang all the perpetrators of the red Wedding… I think it’s easy to guess who is hiding behind the terrifying nickname. Loss Dondarrion disappointed – under the command of a new leader of his army, degraded in their eyes, turning into a pack of ruthless, obsessed with vengeance of the executioners. What to do, lady Heartless and when life is not characterized by consistency and common sense, and the loss of his son and betrayal of allies anyone not add humanism.

Here such forces are torn apart Westeros, had not yet recovered after the war. And to restore it, it seems that no one except Stannis, but his new religion is unlikely to be welcome in king’s landing. Yes and no about it this story is about those who have received temporary benefit and feasting on mountains of corpses and ruins while the past is not yet buried and the country has not been raised for a peaceful life. The second unusual move, which made Martin, is that the book focuses on mostly female characters. About Cersei has already been discussed – its nature is petty intriguer has done for her bad service at game of thrones, where you need to be able to compromise and to sacrifice pride, albeit temporarily.

Sansa is still a hostage and companion of the little finger. Who is she – toy? Weapon? Student? Life with the little finger not better than that of Lisa Arryn. He was certainly not an evil psychopath, but sent into the abyss a woman called beloved. Do Sansa for him means something, as a living memory of love to her mother or else it will be ruthlessly sacrificed, when her existence will be disadvantageous Petyr Baelish? And how will she become cold and ruthless or broken? Terrible hours next to a crazy sadist Joffrey seems to be killed in her soul, innocence and the belief in external beauty. But she’s still short-sighted – does not understand Tyrion (as it turned out, it’s for the best) and willingly fall into the trap of ostentatious generosity of Dontos.

If she learns something, or again come on the same rake? Or her psyche sooner or later will not survive and it will be another Lysa Arryn? Arya seems willing to give up not only from women but also from human destiny in General. She is ready to become a servant of death, one of the Faceless. But the problem is that the mysterious killer serve their God, Arya is his hatred. And this isn’t what you need mentors. Her heads lifts the veil of secrecy over the Faceless organization – as well as many other secrets of Braavos. Jalousien to learn more about the homeland of the Syrio Trout a part of its history is particularly interesting. Brienne is doubly strange, doubly strange man in Westeros. Not only is she one of the few women warriors (and the only one who made war their profession), but also one of the few who maintains his code of honor. Which is not surprising – who would try to knock out her knight illusion! This is not Sansa…

Line of Brienne – intense action, and along with a tour of the devastated River lands. In its chapters, as in chapters Jaime Lannister, we can fully appreciate the severity of post-war existence, the ordinary people of the Seven Kingdoms. Brienne goes ahead to illusory goals, almost one – and, it seems, is doomed to failure. Arianna Martell and her father – two opposites. Hot blood is boiling in Martell, daughter of Prince Doran, prompting her on a daring adventure. And the Prince himself almost lost in their intrigues and long-term plans. And wins experience – whatever Doran reinsurer, it is in any case much more. Alas, determination and haste in the game of thrones only permissible when necessary. For cons, the little finger of his sophisticated mind of the manipulator, enjoying the game with human destinies.

For “revolution” Arianna – youthful desire to change the world and hurt children to the father, nothing more… it Seems that Martin has set himself the goal is to show that in the world of “a Song of ice and fire” weaker sex remains weak. The reason for that, most likely, medieval education – Arya and Brienne, educated and not like a typical girl, more adapted to the cruel reality. It looks like the game of thrones – a purely male entertainment.. although there is, on the other hand Olenna “Queen of Thorns”, but it’s the exception. However, the adventures of the female characters in the story is not so limited. Sam is sent on an important mission – to save Aemon’s with him to Oldtown. However, a sea voyage in the world of the Seven Kingdoms is not a pleasure trip, and perhaps in the sea is calmer than on the Wall. Sam (as always) is to break stereotypes about themselves and try to overcome. He will continue to grow, and now I can do it with John, who will help and give advice – Sam was left alone with the cruel world.

Jaime continues to be transformed. His conflict with his sister reaches its peak, and in fact, it sends him from the capital. I must say that his personality is written more plausible and ambiguous than in “Storm of swords”; but his new image of “a soldier to the bone” somehow does not fit me so smug ruthless killer who threw bran out the window and ordered to kill the servants of the Lord stark. Jaime has ceased to be an invincible swordsman, finally lost touch with his children, has lost nearly simultaneously eldest son, father and brother. All that he held in life, lost to him. And you have to start over: re-learn to fence, to re-build a “business relationship” with allies and enemies. Jaime sets herself a goal – to prove that he is a worthy son of his father, able to think a head, instead of muscles.

His view of the world becomes like the worldview of Tyrion: he is all we often have to find workarounds where other take by force. In “Feast for crows”, Martin refused the usual composition. In addition to the “name” of the heads that form the storyline of the old characters – Brienne, Cersei, Sansa, Arya, Jaime, and Sam is Dornish and “graciously” lines. And these lines are shown through the eyes of different participants in the events alternately. The head of each of them is not called by his real name, and is a short metaphorical name, which is a characteristic of the character at this stage. For example, the head of Aerona Microgroove called “the Prophet” and “Drowned”.

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