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A Dog’s Purpose

A Dog’s PurposeDog soul does not die with the body, and continues his earthly journey in a new puppy in a new place. And this relocation will continue as long as the dog is not aware and does not fulfill his higher Purpose, for which the soul lives. The narrative is on behalf of dogs. Throughout the book she will visit four different dogs.

The book is extremely touching, heartfelt, arousing a hurricane of emotions that is difficult to determine which of them prevails at the end of the reading.

In the novel there are funny humorous, which laughing. For example, meeting with a skunk (and its consequences) or robbery, which made a dog and a cat in the house when left alone. Such places, particularly in describing the relationships of various animals, I love to read to her husband, they raise the spirits.

The book «A Dog’s Purpose» will be especially near and dear to lovers, and generally people who love animals, this is balm for our hearts. We dearly love our Pets and understand them well, although they are, of course, we feel hundreds of times better… the Book, Cameron will teach people to better understand their Pets, to cherish their selfless devotion and love, to appreciate every day spent together.

Although the book is listed as 16+, I would like to mention that the book is quite suitable for reading to children approximately from the age of 10-12. All “adult” themes in the book is veiled, therefore, will not be understood by children too young to them. On the other hand, children will experience some significant emotions and thoughts that are in the book, but do not lie on the surface and between the lines.

At the beginning of the book as childish and quite entertaining. Stray dogs have puppies. Our main character is one of them. The main thing for him is to seek food and hide from people. With each succeeding life the personality of the dog grows and develops. However, more complex and more important is its Purpose being in this world.