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A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire)

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire)As in the fourth part, it is difficult in a few words to describe what is still happening in the territory of the Seven Kingdoms. Martin didn’t give birth to another bloody wedding or a large-scale battle, killed quite a few key characters (no one has) and, in General, never wrote a cinematic scene. Understand the claims of fans, claiming that the writer pulls the cat’s tail and speculates on its popularity.

The book “A Dance with Dragons” is only partly lives up to its name as an enticing introduction to the maturing of the three scaly beauties. What history is clearly lacking is an internal balance. The third and fourth parts seemed out of context, because the writer they were allegedly conceived as one. What in this case sew on the fifth book, is unclear. Martin chose four Pets and they have dedicated a good thousand pages, and the rest of the pieces at this time if sit in the background and waiting for the next series. For those who missed Tyrion, Jon snow, Daenerys and Theon, welcome to the circle of a dance with dragons. Forget about Littlefinger, Sansa and reborn from the ashes of Kathleen stark. Jamie, Cersei, harĂ­a, Breno dedicated two chapters.

In General, the set of characters the fifth part radically different from the fourth, and that, frankly, suggests the unkind thoughts that Martin does not collect all, even for the next two volumes. Sometimes it really seems that what is happening is one great series, where events are arranged not in a geometrically completed the figure, and in an ugly snowball. In the end, winter already came. But, behind the claim to consistency and coherence of the narrative, a rare reader will not get pleasure from unique style of the writer. First of all, of course, affects the development of character.

Daenerys is my sincere admiration, and matched her on the other side of the world the sun of John snow. Hurt boy with dreams of military exploits turns to the commander, overcome doubts and fears. Loneliness as the lot of kings becomes one of the leitmotifs of the book: neither Daenerys nor John know on whom to rely in this war for peace, both naive enough to stick to their guns and fall in an unequal battle with intriguers and conspirators. Their decisions and actions are not as cunning and far-sighted like a dirty game of Littlefinger or Varys, but that they want to bet and cheer with all my heart.

In between the heavy destinies managers Martin offers a bitter smile together with don’t kill Tyrion and to feel pity for the notorious bastard Theon. And if the dwarf were more amused than surprised, defeated the son of the sea devil is presented in a rather original manner. Of course, for those who watched the third season of the series, the surprise will be ruined, but that is not the fault of the writer. “Dance with dragons”, in the end, the only link in the chain, tight drawstring around the neck of faithful readers. The spirit is not exciting, but the nerves tickles, movement binds, enchanting finale promises. What will happen when the last stool falls from under his feet, is unknown, but trust in the insinuating voice of Martin Oh, how I want! And listening to scary stories at night no one away…