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A Clergyman’s Daughter by George Orwell

A Clergyman's Daughter by George OrwellHer name was Dorothy Hare – – old daughter of a priest, regularly performing their duty to the Church and social life. Her way of life is alarming. If outwardly all the relevant rules and order (obedience, loyalty, kindness, warmth), then the internal state Dorothy can not scare.

In pursuit of Dorothy to be pleasing, to do everything, help everyone, seen some soreness, lack of coordination between what can and what you want. Such people usually live in constant fear, coupled with feelings of anxiety and constant feelings of guilt, but to confess, and openly make your own are sometimes not. In this case, for them it makes their own unconscious, on the one hand completely displacing the previous existence, and on the other rewards are even more unpredictable twists of fate.

Dorothy’s inability to carry the trials that fell to her, leads to the fact that in one night she finds herself on the streets of a big city, hungry, cold and totally lost, because they do not remember neither his name nor who she is, and especially how we got here. Thus began her long wanderings from bed to bed, in constant search of what to eat, where warm, where to find peace and comfort in such a cold season.

And at the same time it loses the latter, which has somehow maintained its spirit – faith, faith in God, his mercy, justice, power. What caused such a transformation? It is logical to assume that there involves a lot of reasons, which in varying degrees, played a role in loss of memory even so young a person. For example, take the figure of the father of Dorothy. Cocky, proud and arrogant spiritual father, the local priest, to whom, unfortunately, the congregation was not very supportive.

All his life he lived for our sake and their own facilities, instilling fear in people with his sermons, thereby subordinating the weak, insecure, crippled souls. The strictest order, whom he always maintained his intransigence and rigidity, has caused a lot of grief and troubles of others, first and foremost, daughter. From her he demanded unquestioning obedience itself, but if Dorothy suddenly decided to do otherwise in this case she had to carry a lot of insulting and degrading words that she felt hurt and bitter resentment.

However, there remain faith, remained God, but in communion with him had to shake from fear of his sinfulness and guilt because its not like I don’t want to accept this for what it is. And every time she again came to the conclusion, in her hands was a needle, which she wielded like a blade, causing injury to yourself, again and again, punishing himself for something that was not guilty.

Drinking the Cup to the bottom is already in his second transformation into Dorothy’s memory has returned. Now she has the opportunity to make the choice. If she would accept a proposal of marriage to his already middle-aged, but wealthy neighbour, or wish to return to his former life – to her choice. But, what would she choose – the rich or the Puritan way of life, Dorothy is sure that the old faith no longer has the same force and effect as before… For her faith, like life itself is now just a habit.

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